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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


[look closely at what's engraved on the rock next to me - my friends(?) made me pose there]

In the past few weeks, I have come to the sad realization that there are people out there who hate me at first sight. Perhaps the word hate is a bit too strong ... dislike might be more accurate. For example, this happened to me this past weekend when I was visiting DC.

(Sunday Morning: 10am @ McDonald's)

me: Can I please get a #10 please? (the mcGriddle AKA death by breakfast)
lady: Okay anything else?
me: Can I please get juice instead of coffee for my drink?
lady: You don't get no drink with #10.
me: What comes with the meal then?
lady: (pauses for a moment) You get your choice of coffee, tea, or juice.
me: (raising my eyebrow just a tad out of confusion) ehh ... ok, I'll just have coffee. Does the meal come with anything else?
lady: nope.
me: Can I please get a hash brown then?
lady: Another one?
me: What?
lady: You already get a hash brown with your meal.
me: (very confused at this point, but was overcome by my love of hashbrowns. took a glance at the menu, noticed a hash brown costs $1.34) Yes, I want another one.
lady: okkkkkkkay ...

[15 minutes later]

(My friend Simon comes back from purchasing another hash brown - he loves them too)
friend 1: oh you got 2 of them.
simon: yea, they were 2 for $1!
me: what?!? the lady never told me that.
friend 2: they don't tell you their deals.
simon: when I went up to buy one, she told me it was 2 for $1
me: ... ... ...

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