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My Addiction

This is a cry for help. I am addicted to deals, more specifically, I'm addicted to free giveaways. Today I saw this free razor promotion through slickdeals and I promptly signed up without thinking twice. That's the moral hazard of having a dedicated junk mail account. Anyhow, this is what the sign up page look like. If you pay careful attention to the language, you might find it somewhat weird, but then again, I didn't pay that much attention.

When I pressed the submit button, I realized my mistake:
Ken: haha this is so stupid
Eric: what
Ken: well, i am so stupid
Ken: i just don't look at what slickdeals i do anymore
Eric: huh?
Ken: i think i signed up for a free women's razor
Ken: haha
Eric: HAHA
Ken: they are usually guy's ones though
Eric: yea i know
Ken: and the promo page didn't say anything
Eric: thats pretty funny
Eric: i wuold blog about that
Ken: until i submitted and there's this woman raising her hands
Ken: i'm thinking "great, why is it a woman?"

So if anyone needs a razor in 4-6 weeks, let me know. I'll be sure never to touch it.

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