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She-Bear Alert!

Last Wednesday night as I was walking home, I was attacked by a pack of she-bears! I never knew Ann Arbor was a town with a bear infestation, but after that night, I will never walk home alone again. The she-bears were apparently lead by a strange bald man walking around with a staff in hand, I tried to chase after him after the attack, but he proved to be more fleet footed than he looked.

Anyhow, even though I escaped with my life, I did suffer some battle scars. Here's the first one:

To the untrained eye, this might look like a second-degree burn, like one would get if he didn't use an oven mitt when taking a pizza out of the oven. But I assure you that this is no stupid accident, it was a vicious claw mark from a she-bear!

The wound evolved in the days ahead and is looking quite manly of late. Darn you bears!

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