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[look closely at what's engraved on the rock next to me - my friends(?) made me pose there]

In the past few weeks, I have come to the sad realization that there are people out there who hate me at first sight. Perhaps the word hate is a bit too strong ... dislike might be more accurate. For example, this happened to me this past weekend when I was visiting DC.

(Sunday Morning: 10am @ McDonald's)

me: Can I please get a #10 please? (the mcGriddle AKA death by breakfast)
lady: Okay anything else?
me: Can I please get juice instead of coffee for my drink?
lady: You don't get no drink with #10.
me: What comes with the meal then?
lady: (pauses for a moment) You get your choice of coffee, tea, or juice.
me: (raising my eyebrow just a tad out of confusion) ehh ... ok, I'll just have coffee. Does the meal come with anything else?
lady: nope.
me: Can I please get a hash brown then?
lady: Another one?
me: What?
lady: You already get a hash brown with your meal.
me: (very confused at this point, but was overcome by my love of hashbrowns. took a glance at the menu, noticed a hash brown costs $1.34) Yes, I want another one.
lady: okkkkkkkay ...

[15 minutes later]

(My friend Simon comes back from purchasing another hash brown - he loves them too)
friend 1: oh you got 2 of them.
simon: yea, they were 2 for $1!
me: what?!? the lady never told me that.
friend 2: they don't tell you their deals.
simon: when I went up to buy one, she told me it was 2 for $1
me: ... ... ...

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  • Blogger jen says so:
    6:30 PM  

    *GASP* what mean friends you have. why would they ask you to pose such a picture? that's just cruel. how can anyone hate you, ken? and how could someone as smart and cunning like you agree to doing something like that? ;)

    i still can't believe mickey D sells 2 hash browns for $1 and 1 hash brown for $1.34. that's just ridiculous!

    btw, i like this "i hate ken" picture more. the other one makes you looks too innocent. :P top

  • Blogger dottychen says so:
    10:04 PM  

    there's no way you said "please" that many times... top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    11:09 PM  

    hmm ... i said please twice ... top

  • Anonymous dancing bears exist says so:
    5:01 PM  

    maybe she didn't hate or dislike you but was just not used to adapting the meals. perhaps you presented too many changes while she was only used to punching buttons and going along with a system.

    or maybe she was just flustered.

    haha. top

  • Blogger dottychen says so:
    6:21 PM  

    twice in the first sentence! top

  • Blogger dottychen says so:
    6:23 PM  

    Can I please get a #10 please?
    Can I please get juice instead of coffee for my drink?
    Can I please get a hash brown then? top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    1:57 AM  

    I asked a guy at DelTaco once what kind of vegetarian burritos they had and he said, "The Red Burrito, the Green Burrito and the Chicken Burrito."

    p.s. I like Ken. top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    3:44 PM  

    By the way, I think it's about time for your monthly blog entry. top