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It turns out my dream the other day was prophetic.

Really? Someone stole your laptop?
Hmm ... not literally.

And it happened in a subway stop at night?
Well it happened at my office at 3pm ... but it was RAINING.

So you punched someone in the face?
Close, I almost punched Dell and Nvidia in the face.

Anyway, my computer blew up. Fine, it was just the graphics card, but it effectively "blew up" because nothing worked after that. Fortunately, it didn't take me by surprise - since it's a very well known issue with a lot of nvidia video cards. Basically, the people who make video cards screwed up BIG TIME and shipped out millions of defective chips that overheats. The companies (Dell - in my case) who sold the laptops to us are too cheap to give us new cards, so they are hoping the cards hold up until your warranty expires. Oh I love America! And the best part is ... even if your computer is still under warranty, they will replace your defective graphic cards with another one of the same model, which means it will eventually fry itself in a couple more months.

BLAH. Just as I was getting back to my blogging routine, my computer dies. Maybe this is a sign, a prophesy. Hmm .... death to Dell and Nvidia!!! I am shaking my fist at you and am getting ready to punch you in the face!

*** good thing mine is still under warranty - and I plan to make sure it blows up again right before my warranty expires so I get a brand new card***


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  • Blogger s says so:
    5:41 PM  

    isn't your laptop still pretty new too? =/ top