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Who's got your back? (part 2)

Question: What happens when you write blog entries late at night?
Answer: You end up dreaming about them!

The combination of last night's entry and this video of a lawyer explaining why you should never ever talk to the cops (even if you're innocent) made me dream funny things last night.

I was sitting on a bench at a dimly lighted subway platform waiting for the train to come. For some bizarre reason, I had nothing with me but my laptop - no backpack, no case, just the laptop. Someone called me for help and so I left the laptop on the bench to see what was going on. When I got back a moment later, an old jenky machine sat in the place where my awesome laptop used to be. I was confused but examined the machine further and came to the obvious conclusion that it wasn't my laptop. Without a second thought, I ran up and down the station trying to find the perpetrator. It wasn't long before I saw someone sitting on a bench playing with a laptop that looked just like mine.

me: "hey that's my laptop."
guy: "no it isn't, I found it."
me: "you stole it, that's what you did."

He didn't budge and I was absolutely certain that it was my laptop - so I did what every person in their right mind would do - I punched him in the face twice, snatched the laptop from his hands, gave him back his old nasty machine, and walked away. In my head I was thinking, "If a cop stops me, I'm pleading the 5th. Not gonna say a darn thing."

the end.

p.s. - I'm not a violent person .... no really I'm not.

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