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Stuffing Your Car

In light of recent events, I have decided to stock up my car in case of an emergency. Here are some things I plan to buy for my car:

1) A lighter - just in case I need to start a fire
2) Map & Compass - I'll keep going south until I get out of the cold
3) Bottles of water - Wouldn't want to die from thirst
4) Protein bars - yummy and tons of energy
5) Flares - if I don't use it for an emergency signal, it'll be used to kill bears
6) Candles - i'm afraid of the dark (ok not really)
7) An axe - so I can chop down trees and have firewood
8) A blanket - buuuurrrr i hate the cold
9) A big sword - just in case other animals attack
10) A whistle - so people will know where I am

OK I think that's enough for now. Am I missing anything?

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