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Farewell Mr. Kim ...

Yesterday was a sad day. I found out that the senior editor of CNET, a website I frequently visit, died after stranded on a wilderness Oregon road for a week. James Kim and his family were on their way home from Thanksgiving vacation when their car got stuck in the snow. Basically the family were stranded in the cold for a whole week before rescuers found them. And by that time James Kim had ventured out on foot to find help ... read more about it here.

The Story Highlights
Body of 35-year-old James Kim found about half mile from car
Wednesday night autopsy for father found dead in Oregon wilderness
He walked eight miles in rough terrain to get help for his stranded family
Kati Kim and daughters had also set out on foot when they were found

Farewell Mr. Kim, it's rather sad to see you go. I used to watch you on CNET and often wondered how you can have such a big mole on your face but look rather cool - in the geeky kinda way. Go watch the tribute here.

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