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Farewell 2006!

People do strange things.

On the one day in the year when I have a valid excuse to stay up all night, I left a party early and came home to sleep. My parents are out partying, my sister is out partying, but I came home to get some down time.

I think I'm officially old, who the heck sleeps before midnight on new year's eve? I wish I didn't have to tire myself out so much these past few week, but I really have no choice. It's all over soon though, no matter how crappy things turn out, at least I'll be able to relax and find myself again.

Ok, old man has to hit the sack now. Farewell 2006, I'll miss you much.

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  • Blogger Joanna says so:
    5:43 PM  

    at least u get to sleep =) which is something that you needed.
    u didn't miss much
    we were all waiting very impatiently for 12 to come so we could all go home. top