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Look What I Got in the Mail ... (Part 2)

Look!!! I got another letter from my Senator.

Mr. Menedez (or his interns) probably read my blog and found out how much I detested his last letter, so he (or his interns) decided to write me another one to appease me enough so I'll vote for him in November.

It's interesting how this letter read very differently from the previous one. Notice all the action verbs in the past tense:

  • I have supported "blah blah blah"
  • I have routinely worked to improve "blah blah some amazing cause"
  • I also supported "blah blah legislation"
  • I joined in "a blah blah effort to do blah blah"
  • I co-sponsored "blah blah ... ladida"
Yea, you don't really have to read the letter, it basically repeats itself over and over again. It reminds me of a little boy trying to convince his parents he did all these good things so his parents would allow him to go to a friend's sleepover. "Yes I mowed the lawn, I did the dishes, I vacuumed the house ... etc"

*Yawn* I wish I could give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Someone needs to help him write a letter that communicates to the readers that he really cares for these issues.

P.S. - ooo ... it tells me that I paid for this letter to be sent out, great! "Prepared, published, and mailed at taxpayer expense." Hmm ... then why does it sound so much like campaign propaganda?

P.P.S - Hey Tom Kean! If you're reading this blog, you really should send me a letter too!

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  • Anonymous karen says so:
    12:43 PM  

    this letter is definitely an improvement from part 1. maybe they had an intern updating menendez's world concerns letter so they sent you a copy too.

    darfur is also mentioned on his website, so maybe he at least cares (or wants to look like he cares) a little bit. that's the only international issue semi-addressed on his site though (that is pro non-americans). apparently what he really cares about is new jersey and all these other things that pertain to americans like helping education and getting money for victims' families, etc, etc.

    it kind of is human nature though...his voters are new jerseyans and most people will be more concerned with their own backyard (whether the shore is being saved from drilling, if they can put their kids through college, gas prices etc,) than with the conditions of lives across the world.

    but props for sending letters. top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    1:21 PM  

    totally, nothing against this guy. Of course if you're going to run for NJ Senate, you should put NJ issues are priority.

    I was just hoping that someone can do that can still have a genuine global concern as well. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    2:49 PM  

    Just to play the devil's advocate, senators get a lot of mail about all kinds of random issues and I think it's commendable that he took the time to respond to you. As someone who works in the nonprofit sector and gets a lot of letters, I have to tell you I don't have time to respond to many of them. Even though his letter to you might be a generic, this is what I've done so far response, if he sees that a lot of people are writing to him regarding a specific issue, he will (hopefully) act accordingly. And don't you think your tax dollars are much better spent in him doing something in response to your letter as opposed to just giving you a nice personalized letter that goes nowhere? So props to you for writing the letter and don't be discouraged by the response : )

    Sara top

  • Blogger moxnox says so:
    10:39 PM  

    Many of my friends and fellow students are working on the Menendez campaign...it's actually quite good that you got a response, considering that their headquarters are severely understaffed. And you're right, the interns probably DO read your blog...in fact, one of my friends is the official Blog-Reader for Menendez. I should ask her how she is planning on monitoring your activity. top