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Look What I Got in the Mail ...

(click for larger image ... so you can actually read it!)

I am such a cynic because:
1) Even though the senator sent me back a letter, I still don't think he really cares
2) I think his interns probably wrote this for him
3) I don't think he knows where Uganda is on a map (do you?)
4) I think the letter has such a defensive tone to it ...
5) I think this guy wants my vote more than he cares about saving the impoverished and suffering people

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  • Anonymous jonathan lee says so:
    10:53 AM  

    be careful what you post on the web. what if he sees you blog and reports you to immigration? then your illegal status would get you in trouble. it's back to HK for you buddy! ;) top

  • Anonymous angela ly says so:
    10:37 PM  

    he probably whipped out the "oh-someone-sent-me-another-letter-about-humanitarian-concern" template top

  • Anonymous everting says so:
    9:35 PM  

    kudos to you for doing something, ken! regardless of how others may respond, we have responsibility... top

  • Blogger estebomb says so:
    10:58 PM  

    write to the president and compare them, see if they're sharing notes. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5:08 PM  

    You go Ken, you kick ass for the Lord. top

  • Anonymous m1sa1gon says so:
    5:57 AM  

    i agree with eva.
    kudos to you for taking some initiative and actually giving a care!

    but yeah..it's definitely a form letter. i sent tons of these out when i interned with the US Senate. the senators have these cool machines that the interns use to sign their signatures for them! :) top