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I don't really watch TV these days. There just isn't anything captivating to watch, and most of the shows on prime time TV are pretty trashy anyway. Sex, hatred, violence ... that's the general theme of today's shows. Fortunately, there are a fair share of wholesome channels such as Discovery, TLC, Food, History, and Animal Planet, but no one really watches those channels like they do MTV.

While we're on the topic of violence. I read yesterday that Pac Man was rated as 64% violent according to a video game rating, which translate to "very bad violence". This scares me, because just last week I learned that there are people out there training monkeys to play Ms. Pac man, which is arguably even more violent than Pac Man. The conspiracy theorist side of me is afraid that there are evil people out there engineering a race of killer monkeys to launch an attack against humanity. Pretty scary stuff ...

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  • Blogger estebomb says so:
    7:57 PM  

    hey try watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond...good family fun..carcasse top