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Smart Monkey! Here's a Banana ...

After watching this clip of a monkey playing pacman (this one is great too), suddenly a wave of new hope penetrates deep into my heart. To know that we, human being, evolved from these hairy creatures brings me unspeakable joy. Now I have a strong (perhaps even prophetic) conviction that my offsprings will be little geniuses. They will be so immensely intelligent that they will master the game of pong at the ripe young age of 25! To know that our lives have such grand purposes, to haphazardly evolve into fitter creatures, without an intelligent creator of any kind, oh ... it brings my soul such comfort.

*please do note the sarcasm*

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  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    4:33 PM  

    I hate to be the one to point this out, but that monkey is not playing pacman. He has graduated already to MS. PACMAN!

    It is only a matter of time before he moves on to Pitfall or (gasp) Donkey Kong. top

  • Anonymous hebber09 says so:
    10:16 AM  

    Wow, your sarcasm REALLY is showing its pretty little face a lot these days.... :D top