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Sunday School Update

A quick update on the Sunday School post from a few days ago: I'm actually taking the Christian Family and Parenting class! OK stop looking at me weird now, it really the most interesting course out of the options given.

It was actually a spur of the moment decision, as I was resigned to take another class to avoid awkwardness. Fortunately, word somehow got out that I wanted to take the class and others wanted to join ranks. We figured that if we went as a group, it would be less awkward and they would be less inclined to kick us out. It worked!

We did get some weird looks from the older folks in the class, asking whether or not we meant to go next door. They kept on saying, "This is the parenting class, what are you guys doing here?" Luckily, the teacher came to our defense and emphasized that this a Christian family class and that it's never too early to learn about the rest. I have to admit that it was pretty weird when we had to introduced ourselves with the names of our spouse and children. I was pretty tempted to name my non-existent kids Jabez (Hebrew for: I bore him with great pain) and Delilah (Hebrew for: languishing, lovelorn, and seductive). To go along with the theme, perhaps my imaginary wife can be named Eve ... how appropriate.

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