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Sunday school class selection

Other than what kind of car I should buy to replace my old camry, the important question of the week is which sunday school to pick for the coming winter term. The courses to choose from are:
  • Discipleship
  • Life of Jesus
  • Foundations in Worship
  • New Testament Survey
  • Intro to Missions
  • Christian Family and Parenting
After putting in some serious thought, the only class that really stood out from the pack was Christian Family and Parenting. However, after talking with my friend Henry about how weird it would be for two single guys to sit through this class probably filled with older married couples, we decided to take something else. However, the following conversation ensued:

me : we can start our own bible study
henry : hey that would be hot
henry : start it up for college students
henry : but that prob won't fly unless if you organize it now and talk to the education people at church
me : people might think we're just messing around
henry : hahah, nah, i'm sure people won't think we're just meesing around
me : i dunno ... 2 single guys
me : talking about christian family
me : sounds sketchy to me
henry : hahahahah

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