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The Culture of Fear

It's common knowledge that Americans live in a culture of fear perpetuated by the our media. Studies have found that even though the over all crime rate across the country is decreasing, citizens of this free land are growing more and more fearful for their safety. News broardcasts spend more time covering robberies, kidnapping, murders, and other violent crime than ever before, conditioning us to think that we live in a more dangerous world than it actually is.

Since we humans are such versatile creatures, we have come up with ways to defend ourselves from danger. The most ingenious invention has got to be this bedside table. I mean ... who wouldn't want to have a shield and club to defend yourself against a robber? You know you want one too!

P.S. - I have a bat under my bed just in case I have to defend myself from those evil trolls, goblins, and various other monsters that come to attack me during the night.

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  • Anonymous h3nr0 says so:
    6:43 PM  

    that's going to stink if it turns out to be a guy with a gun. top

  • Anonymous Rob E says so:
    9:11 PM  

    Sooo...what happens when the goblins actually come from under your bed. Fat lotta good the bat does you then, eh? top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    4:54 PM  

    I have this tradition of not having any weapons in the house (including sporting goods). So when there's a bump in the night I go awandering in my skivvies to see what might be out there. I don't know what would happen if we actually had a thief. Maybe he would feel bad for me and back quietly out the front door. top