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ads we don't mean ...

I went to Macao last weekend and stayed at the Venetian Casino Resort. The place just opened earlier this year so the everything is spankin' new. They have a huge casino, good restaurants, lots of expensive shops, shows like cirque du soleil, an outdoor minigolf course, and an indoor gondola boat ride along with opera singers - entertainment for the whole family.

They also have a lot of shameless promotions everywhere too, plastered on every wall and corner so people don't forget all the ways they can spend money at their hotel. With every gambling ad, they always have "Gamble Responsibly" in small print and a link to some obscure website. I think they even provide advice/classes on how to do "Gamble Responsibly" too, but you and I both know that the big casino bosses are praying no one takes that message seriously.
After all, if everyone gambles responsibly, how are they going to make any money?All they want you to do is to spend money, wager your life savings for a miniscue chance of actually beating the house. So why do they put these ads up (other than for legal reasons)? It's somewhat double-handed it peeves me a little. It seems to me that they just want to wash their hands from their guilt.

Everyone else does it too:
  • Beer/liquor companies tell you to drink responsibly while trying to convince you that drinking more is cool.
  • Tobacco companies give classes or tips for people to quit smoking even though they really want you to smoke 10 packs a day.
  • Condom makers tell teens to stay abstinent while posting racy ads all over magazines and tv spots telling people to have sex.
  • Oil companies tell people to use alternative energy when they expand their plans to drill for oil at wildlife refuge.
The world is full of contradictions.

p.s. - i love this ad.

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