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Impostor Alert! (part 2)

More updates on my alter ego. My whip-wielding self is apparently living the good life out there in sunny California. I received an email today from a BMW dealer saying:
Mr. Ken,

BMW will cover warranty on wiper inserts for only 3 months. Will need to replace wiper insert’s. Labour will not be charged to you only cost of wiper inserts. BMW recommends changing wipers every 6 months. Your x5 will be ready at 10:45am.
This short email sounds just as fishy as the last one.
  • Why is a Brit working at a BMW dealer in SF? (Maybe he's an undercover MI6 agent)
  • Why is evil-ken asking about windshield wipers ? (killer laser wipers maybe)
  • Where does evil-ken get all that money to get an x5? (why isn't he environmentally friendly?)
I should really email back and tell the dealer to ship the x5 to jersey ...

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