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do you feel like a man?

One of my friends recently told me that he plays basketball not because he enjoys it, but he plays only because he wants to feel like a man. It's an interesting thought which deserves a deeper examination. I took a cursory survey from several female species and asked them what they think a man should act - here are the top results:
  • Have confidence
  • Be responsible and take ownership of mistakes
  • Know how to treat a woman
  • Have nice biceps
  • Open jars!
  • Not afraid of bugs
  • Not afraid to carry a girl's purse
In all seriousness, I think we fall prey to how the media portrays gender roles in our culture. This is quite dangerous because it can lead to unrealistic expectations which in turn lead to disappointment and insecurity. This is why I decided to defy gender roles this summer and sleep on this bed ...

Take note of the following characteristics:
  • Winnie the Pooh bed cover
  • Pink thin blanket
  • Buzz LightYear sheets
  • Mickey Mouse body pillow
  • Plush baby bottle doll
  • Pillow with hearts and flowers
(this is actually my cousin's son's bed - which I stole from him for the summer)

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