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Neither hot nor cold

I visited a small group bible study with my friend Jeanne tonight. Since it was my first time there, I seriously considered breaking out of my usual persona and instead adopt something crazier just for the summer. For some reason, I have always wanted to be the obnoxious one in a bible study, someone who asks random questions, goes off on tangents, offers unsolicited advice, promotes blasphemy ... you know, all the good stuff. Honestly it would just be entertaining to see how the leader will handle it, and even more interesting to see how much I will get away with.

sg leader: Our group is named 40 degrees. Does anyone want to guess why we're called that?

me: Because you guys strive to be lukewarm so God will spit you out of His mouth?

sg leader: ... the previous leader thought that it would be nice to be called 40 degrees because it's hot.

me: I'm pretty sure 40 degrees is lukewarm, maybe the last leader didn't know what he was talking about.

sg leader: everyone asks now and again, why not 100 degrees? why not 1000 degrees? I honestly am not sure.

me: yea, why do you blindly follow what people tell you to follow?

sg leader: ok let's get started on today's lesson.

I didn't actually say any of those things aloud, the rebellious side of me wish I had. Here's proof from the "Greeks" that 40 degrees is lukewarm. To the previous leader's credit, I think he was referring to air temperature - but that's besides the point. It's still a silly name.


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  • Blogger Jen says so:
    8:51 PM  

    i would've believed you if you had really said those things out loud. aren't you usually loud and obnoxious? ;P top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    9:09 PM  

    So, you're thinking of adopting a personality exactly like your current personality for the summer? I don't understand.

    Also, any Bible study using the Metric system is just creepy. And you end up with those weird conversation, "Now how many centimeters to a cubit?" top

  • Blogger wendi says so:
    7:18 AM  

    as someone currently living in the 40 degree weather...i'd like to report that it's HOT top