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Every Nation ...

... tribe, people and language, standing before the throne ... (rev 7:9)

That's exactly how it's like here at CM2007! Just being able to meet and talk to people from all around the globe has been amazing. Where can you talk with an African about the ministries in their country one minute, then literally turn around and hear stories about how God is moving in Ukraine?

The highlight of the day is definitely the Korean led prayer seminar. There's just something special about Koreans and their passion and commitment to prayer. But it's definitely not just the Koreans who have a heart for prayer though ... today I found myself surrounded by people from all nations, praying for each other, crying out to God for mercy and revival for our generation. I paused in amazement when I heard the HK people on my right, the Koreans on my left, the Russians behind me, the Africans and Indians in front of me - all of them praying in their native tongues, earnestly yearning for God to use us to do a great work in this world.

What a beautiful picture of what it will be like in the future ...

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  • Blogger dottychen says so:
    8:11 PM  

    Nice! Hope God continues to amaze you with snapshots of the future, and of Himself. top