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The Real Adventure ...

starts now!

I just spent my last day in HK and am now wandering around the mainland by myself: alone but free. The motherland greeted me with a short rain shower as if to baptize me back into the land of bicycles, crazy taxi drivers, cheap food, vicious old ladies who have no concept of waiting in line, hot bath and saunas ... etc

It feels nice to be back, if only for a short few days.

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  • Anonymous chan! says so:
    10:48 PM  

    "vicious old ladies who have no concept of waiting in line"

    haha. top

  • Blogger Krista says so:
    3:01 PM  

    The weather seems important to you on this trip. Are you bringing that rain to Korea with you? top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    2:46 AM  

    weather isn't too important, but rain just happens to follow me around, maybe it's an asian thing. I hope it will be sunny and nice in korea! top