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The Motherland ...

There is a perpetual haze that hovers over the city, constantly threatening to pour acid rain down upon us. I have been back for only two days and I have been caught in a torrential downpour both days. You might think that I'm not a very quick learner, but let me tell you a secret ... I actually like the rain. Especially in this type of hot and humid weather, a sudden thunderstorm here and there is really a gift more than anything.

It hasn't been that hard adjusting to the climate, other than the fact that I'm a living ball of sweat whenever I have to go out in the afternoon. I just don't understand how people wear those really fitting (tight) jeans and run around like it's winter time. I'd bet that they are all sweating profusely underneath, and maybe they use a sweat absorbent material in the inseams.

Now that I'm officially unemployed, I'll have more time to think and write, hopefully I'll get all my thoughts sorted out soon enough so I can blog again.

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