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The Tank Man

"After all others had been silenced, his lonely act of defiance against the Chinese regime amazed the world. What became of him? And 17 years later, has China succeeded in erasing this event from its history?"

June 4th, 1989 changed my life.

As a young boy I watched the coverage on TV, thinking that it was cool that there were so many tanks and soldiers. I'm not sure why the chaos and the blood didn't bother me, perhaps I was just too young to really grasp the significance of the Tiananmen Massacre.

When I lived in East Asia a couple of years ago, I remember talking to some college students about Chinese history and the Communist government. I was shocked when I found out that they had no idea what actually happened. They told me that they were taught by the teachers that only a handful of people were injured, that the People's Republic Army went to stop the violence, that it was no big deal.

It would be an even greater tragedy if the Communist government succeeds in erasing this event from their history. The people has a right to know what really happened ... do you know? If not, go watch this.

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