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If 1 Is The Loneliest, Then What's 26?

Every year it grows bigger and bigger. When you're young, you happily embrace these annual additions, but after 20 some years, the appeal is really losing steam. 18 is important (vote), 21 is special (alcohol), 25 is a milestone (quarter century) ... but anything after that? What are we striving toward anymore? The fact that it has reached 26 scares me more than I let on externally.

Comparison is a dangerous game. Perhaps spending the weekend with my married-and-having-kids friends wasn't such a good idea. How can you but feel just a little ... behind?

Perspective is key though. There are tons of people out there who thinks 26 is small number - that the world of opportunities is just starting to open up. And that's EXACTLY what I believe too of course!

Exciting things are going to happen this year ...


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