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Don't Save Your Receipts ...

You can learn a lot about a person by just looking at the receipts in his/her wallet. Take mine for example - gas station, gas station, supermarket, quiznos, train ticket to NYC, movie stub, chinese food, bank withdraw, gas station, hallmark store, quiznos, supermarket. If you haven't figured out how to interpret this, here are some pointer:

1) Definitely a commuter, who else needs to pump gas that frequently?
2) Probably don't bring lunch to work - and happens to eat a lot of quiznos
3) Supermarket for cough drops?
4) Watched Spiderman at 430pm on a Friday? Wait ... isn't Friday a work day?
5) Has $27.013434 left in his checking account balance - he's poor!

I could go on and on but you get my drift. At least there wasn't a receipt for lingerie, now that would be embarrassing.

Just like how receipts can paint a picture (however incomplete) of a person's life, the actions that we take can speak volumes about what we believe in. I've actually been quite bothered by this for the past few weeks ... I can't understand how we can spend so much time talking about things like ice-cream, dating, sports, or even poop but we never talk about things that matter. As leaders of the ministry, should we not spend more time praying and caring for people? Should we not concern ourselves with serving the community and witnessing to those around us? If so, why do most of us (myself included) just sit on our butts and just go with the flow?!?

Faith without works is dead. Convictions without action is useless. It's time to act!
James 2:18


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