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First Day of Spring

Today is the vernal equinox, marking the triumph of light over darkness. Starting today, the day will be longer than the night, which means that everyone who suffers from seasonal depression will start getting progressively happier. Whee!

I'm still not sure how to bridge this culture/generation gap with my parents. It's good that they are learning more about how to use the computer, but the opportunity for miscommunication is just incredible. This morning I put the message "the fever starts today" on my googletalk. When I got home, my Dad told me to take some medicine. When I asked him why, he said that my Mom had told him that I'm getting sick from a fever ...

I guess my parents still don't understand what spring fever means.

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  • Blogger hanster says so:
    1:28 PM  

    haha reminds me of koo chung's blog entry about his mom

    why immigrant moms are cute
    my mom came back home from work, and she sat down in the living room, munching on watermelon cubes she had cut up previously. my sister is plopped on the couch watching a re-run episode of "friends" : the episode where joey catches his dad cheating on his wife.

    joey's mom calls her son "cookie" at one point, and my mother seems perplexed.

    "did she call him 'cookie'"? she asks. calling someone an edible good is strange, although she's heard people calling others "sweety", "sugar", and "honey" in the past. this was new to her.

    "yeah, it's just another thing people call each other if they're close", i explain.

    "oh, you mean cuz it's sweet?"


    she looks at me and says "hi cookie".
    "hi mom", i reply, with a grin on my face, recognizing that it's funny to practice american dialogue in a very koreanized home.
    and then as i walk away, she glances over at my sister and says:

    "hi ice cream". top