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My Christmas Wish

This has got to be the coolest idea ever! I admit that it's not entirely original, as we've seen this in countless futuristic movies before. But to be fair, if KZ can actually pull it off, it would be amazing. I think I would want to move there and eat some goat cheese ... ehh ... maybe not.

So, for those of you who are in the business of fulfilling Christmas wishes. That won't be you, Santa, because I know you're not real, which means you probably won't be really this anyway. ... all I really want for Christmas is that we have this dome thing cover the 5-mile radius around my house. That's not too big of a wish, is it? I think I've been good this year.

Well, if this summer dome thing is possible, then wouldn't they be able to do a winter dome where they reflect most of the heat from sunlight and make an ever-winter-land? Sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Think about it, one hour you could be snowboarding down the mountain and then the next hour you can swim on the beach. Sounds a bit too amazing ... which means it will never happen. Oh well ...

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