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Stalkerbook ...

Maintaining friendships used to be an art. It was something that you invested your time in, requiring both effort and intention. But nowadays, technology is cheapening this whole process. Sites like facebook and myspace are practically broadcasting every minute detail of your life to your network of friends. Every time you write a note, make a comment on a photo, contact a friend, change your profile details ... everyone is alerted to it. It's aggravating, not only because I don't want to really know all those things, but because it's giving me a false sense of connectedness to my friends. Just because I know that person X was feeling "superbly delirious" or that X is not dating Y, it doesn't mean I really know what's going on in their life. It's so sad, I getting sick and tired of this ...

Do you think by reading this blog you really know how I am doing or what's occupying my mind? Do you think I really broadcast my deepest thoughts on blogspot?

I mentioned in the last post that I had a little run-in with facebook, this is what happened ...

robin: you know what sucks?
me: what?
robin: theose new facebook features
me: haha why?
robin: cuz it says... ken is no longer single
robin: so now i must inquire
me: i thought i deleted that feed so other people wouldn't see it!
robin: yeah you're no longer single
robin: oh interstring
me: i just thought i'd like a little privacy so i took off the relationship status
me: but now it broadcasts to people that i'm no longer single?!?!
robin: so you limited to only single girls huh?
me: haha ... well, i would prefer not to get into a romantic relationship with any other demographic
robin: true. good job ken, that's smart searching
me: wait so you still see that feed?
robin: yeah apparently
me: still?
me: this facebook is like stalkerbook
robin: yeah i think facebook jumped the shark with this one
robin: so are you still single?
me: YES I AM
me: i don't know if i should be happy or sad about having to reaffirm that to people
robin: ok, i'll inform all of those whose hearts were broken from that facebook posting
me: do you have a mailing list?
robin: yes
robin: allsinglegirlsforken is the alias for the dl
me: yea because if you had to do it one by one, it would take you forever
me: hey, why don't you take the "single" status off your facebook too?
robin: cuz i wanted the privacy in the first place
me: then I can write to alltheHOTsingleGirlsLoveRobin mailing list
robin: oh, i like the hot qualifier
robin: i guess i should add the asian qualifier to yours
me: only the best to you

friend1: you are no longer single?
friend1: HAHHAHAHA
friend1: woah...ken!
friend1: wat's going on?

friend2: hahaha according to facebook "ken is no longer single"?!?
me: sigh

friend3: so you're no longer single
friend3: congrats on your status change though
friend3: this is big news
friend3: bye. and congrats

friend4: you're no longer single?
friend4: who is the lucky girl?

friend5: Ken is no longer single. 7:48pm
friend5: that's in my news feed
me: sigh
friend5: i love how in your photos, you have only one pic
friend5: that might start many rumors
me: i want my privacy
friend5: especially since you're not single
me: ...
me: but it's only of ME
me: and no one else
friend5: no
friend5: not when you go into "view more photos of ken"
friend5: it's the pic from chris
friend5: the heart in the sand
me: WHAT?
friend5: mhmm
me: are you serious?
friend5: yeah
friend5: just untag it
me: i didn't know it was tagged

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