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A New Look ...

Lately I've been compelled to make some changes in my life, and as you can see, those changes are carrying over to this cyber realm. I hope that you enjoy the cleaner, more "fancy" look. That dots template was wearing down on me.

Honestly I am on the verge of burning out. Too many social events, church obligations, family chores, and personal goals to attend to. It is at times like this that I wish I had the ability to manipulate time, that way to ensure that I can do everything I wanted to do and get a full night sleep to recharge for the next day. Unfortunately, not only do I NOT have that super power, but I am also a workaholic. That deadly combination has knocked me out many times before, and now it's back for a quarter-century attack!

I have always joked with my friend since college that I wanted to be a farmer in Africa someday. Maybe if the hermit side of me takes over, I might just try to farm fruitlessly in the Sahara before too long. Just imagine having a simple life, away from the internet, blogs, television, conflicts, drama ... etc. I wish life was like that ... simple and free.

Anyhow, enjoy the new look for the blog.

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