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Farewell My Dear RAZR ...

Dearly Beloved, we join hands tonight to mourn for the death of my three month old RAZR. Her shocking death was so unexpected that it brings me such uneasiness to my heart. The cause of death is not yet determined, but the evidence points to a violent drowning. She was last seen alive in my friend Simon's gym bag, which suffered from a deluge of gatorade from a leaky bottle. Attempts to revive her were of no avail, as only hissing sounds emitted from her body during all attempts of resuscitation.

Let us take a moment of silence together .... *long silence*

I'm trying hard to hold back the tears, but I am still holding on to the hope that a miracle will happen. My soucres tell me that water damage instantly voids the warranty so there's no chance that Verizon will replace my phone. However, some who have experienced the same tragedy before found their phone revived after 2-3 days of thorough drying. Alas! There is still hope! On the third day my RAZR will rise again ... (I hope)

Even if she doesn't resurrect, I won't be too heart-broken. I've been reading Job for my devotions lately, and if he can go through all that, a drowned RAZR shouldn't shake my world. Maybe the bank account will hurt a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, life is still grand.

*Update #1* - Monday morning and I put the battery back in its place, the keypad lighted up, but the phone still doesn't turn on. There is hope ...

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  • Anonymous karen says so:
    2:36 AM  

    so that's why you wanted to befriend job...since you've been reading about him.

    that's sad news about the razr. i hope it/she comes back to life soon as well. maybe a blow dryer is in order. top

  • Anonymous glo says so:
    2:31 PM  

    i feel your pain, brother. i've had two beloved cells taken from me before their time: one was accidently run over by my car (oops) and the other was dropped and shattered after only a week of knowing her. they didn't even have a rightful memorial service like your RAZR (can we have a couple moments of silence for my phones?). *sniff* top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    1:53 PM  

    I have a testimony!

    Over one year ago I dropped my cel phone in the TOILET!

    I let it dry out for a few days and it works perfectly STILL. top

  • Anonymous Jonathan says so:
    11:33 PM  

    there is still hope ken. take the phone apart and then air dry it. my mother washed my phone (it was in my coat pocket)and 2 days later it worked. top