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The Cup

This vision came to me when I was sitting in the sanctuary this Sunday ...

In front of me are a pair of hands holding a cup, not just an ordinary cup, but something resembling a chalice. I can faintly see the symbols etched onto the side of it but can't make out what they mean. It's not before I stare at the cup for a few seconds longer before I realized that it was meant for me.

In my head I knew something strange was going on: I look at the wine filled cup and I have no desire to take it. Even though I knew it was for me, there's something inside of me that keeps me from desiring what's being given to me. At this I asked, "Is this really my cup?"
"This is the cup I've prepared for you."
"But it's entirely too big, I don't want to take it."
"This is your cup, take it."

I sat there motionless, not knowing how to react. Thoughts are running through my mind and I started to question my own heart, wondering why something so simple could be so hard to do. I stared at the hands awhile longer, then reached out to receive my portion.

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