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No Men Needed ...

It's scary how far humanity has come in the past decade with genetics. With the first phase Human Genome Project completed, scientists are starting to understand more about the functions of certain genes and how they influence us physiologically. Stem Cell research has been a big deal too, as I'm sure you've heard and thought about some serious ethical questions regarding that.

Today some scientists announced that they have figured out how to grow sperm cells from stem cells. They also said that it's possible that women can generate their own sperm!

"The advance in reproductive science raises new opportunities to treat male infertility and the possibility that women could make sperm.

The professor behind the research believes that, when safe, the advance could help men with certain types of infertility to become fertile, to remain fertile for longer and, controversially, could even one day enable a lesbian couple to have children that, at the genetic level, are truly their own."

I haven't fully thought about all the implications or the ethics on this yet, but the one thought that came to mind is that it's theoretically possible for the women to kill all the men in this world and still survive! Sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie ... just imagine Eve without Adam ... scary.

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