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The Dentist

I feel like I'm on a roll , last night I answered my first question in a long time and now I'm blogging here. Perhaps I am getting too stressed and need some type of outlet ... hmm.

So I had my biannual trip to the dentist earlier this morning, which on normal circumstances wouldn't be such a big deal. But I was a tad scared that the dentist would bust my lip open again so my heart definitely beat a bit faster when she took up her sharp metallic tools.

My doctor moved to a new and swankier office down the street and now they have a LCD TV right on top of the dentist chair. Stop and picture it for a moment: you're lying on your back, a bright light shining into your month while someone with sharp tools is scraping at your teeth ... but when you look up, you see a TV! What a genius idea!

Maybe it's just me, but I just couldn't get myelf to open my eyes to watch TV while the doctor cleans my teeth. Plus, I was trying to figure out why everyone who works at my dentist's office had "D"names: Donna, Dolores, Dawn, Dana, Darlene, and the Doctor. Isn't that pretty weird? Maybe it's some sort of freaky cult ...

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  • Anonymous glo says so:
    11:15 AM  

    Ooo, you know, debbiedrinksdecaf is also in dental school. You should refer her to your dentist...sounds like she would fit right in.
    Why are you stressed? Hope you feel better. Oh, and thanks for the reminder of Matt's bday (actually, when exactly is it again?). top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    11:44 AM  

    glo glo glo ... you know Matt will probably read your comment and find out your forgot his bday, right? I hope my calendar has it correct.

    I'm sure he will give you a "Mwahahaaha" when he finds out. top

  • Blogger dottychen says so:
    12:42 PM  

    my dentist only has floating mobiles hanging above his electric chairs...and they don't even play music! he should really invest in some snazzy fisher price contraptions. top