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The Chinese Fight Club

The first rule of fight club is that you don't EVER talk about fight club. Since this rule effectively makes the club exclusive, it's no wonder why I have never heard about the fight club in China before.

However, today I was reading the news and I found out this article. Yes, it may seem ridiculous to some that a guy can beat himself up that badly, but it's not like we haven't seen it done before, just ask Ed Norton.

... my sarcasm is out of control these days ...

Does the Chinese government really think they can fool anyone with this explanation when they try to kill someone who opposes them?

... a six-week official inquiry has concluded that Mr Fu shattered his own vertebrae. "No case can be established because the injuries were not caused by another person," said the Zigui police station. Investigators told Mr Fu they were unable to find any other footprints near the slope down which Mr Fu said he fell after being twice struck with a wooden pole.

*Sigh* Blantant acts of injustice just piss me off ... this is just as terrible

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