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Thunder and Lightning!

The weather these past couple weeks reminded me of Ithaca and Seattle weather. It's like Ithaca weather because it's perpetually cloudy and deprived of sun; it builds that gloomy and dreary atmosphere, driving people depressed to the point of suicide (FYI - Cornell does not have the highest suicide rate in the nation)! It's also like Seattle weather because it's always misty in the morning and it rains at least a little bit each day.

The last leg of the car ride coming back from Kentucky featured one of the most exciting and frightening display of nature's raw power I've ever seen. We hit a gigantic thunderstorm system that covered the entire state of Pennsylvania. It was lightning and thundering every second and it started hailing somewhere in the middle. I simply can't describe in words how crazy it was, I wish you were there to see it.

While struggling hard to see the road two feet in front of the van, I wondered if God was talking to me in thunder. Perhaps that's why I just love thunderstorms so much. They never fail to give you that "out of the world" feeling ... humbling you to reaffirm that you have no control whatsoever of the world around you. It blows my mind when I try to imagine how BIG God must be and how small we are. I wish I had the chance to revisit that thunderstorm again.

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  • Blogger moxnox says so:
    12:10 PM  

    did anyone try to experience God's power by sticking their head out of the window? top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    12:13 PM  

    yup ... we were going to tie frank to the rack on top of the van and see what would happen to him during the hail storm, but he didn't think it was a good idea for some reason. top