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Hotties for Christ

For the past week I've been thinking up names for a discussion group I lead at church. Our cell group has a water theme, so for this new quarter, all the groups are supposed to have their names be a drink of some kind. After the first brain storming session, some witty person in the group came up with the name HOT TEA while saying, "Ooo and if you say it really quickly, it'll sound like hottie. Then each week when we split up someone will have say "All the hotties go into that room"" (I don't exactly know why, but the combination of corniness and wittiness made it a genius idea).

Sadly, that name was rejected by executive order. Supposedly it's not Christ-centered, and that the older and more conservative folks in the church would not think it is appropriate. Way to take all the fun out of life ... Grrrr.

To appease the first objection, I made up this acronym:

Christ is
H oly
O minipotent
T ranscendent
T riune
E verlasting
A lmighty

Pretty Christ centered now, huh? Come on, I said Christ is Triune ... isn't that worth at least 3 spiritual coolness points?!? Deep ... so deep. Alright, so that was shot down too. Which now brings me to think, how many older Chinese folks will actually get the joke? When they hear Hot Tea, all they are going to think about is what kind of dimsum they will have with their hot tea. Who would actually say it quick enough to get it? Plus, what's wrong with being a hottie anyway? Especially a hottie for Christ?

In Revelations 3, John records God's rebuke of the Laodicea Church which reads, "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hotl I wish that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth ..." I'm not going to try to get into the depth of meaning on this blog entry, but the point is (yea I know I'm stretching it), I would rather be a hottie than be lukewarm.

Long live the Hotties for Christ!

(I don't get it, but when I searched for the phrase "Hotties for Christ" on google image, the picture of Legolas is the first hit ... very interesting)

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  • Anonymous dorothy says so:
    11:57 PM  

    i object. legolas is NOT hot. top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    12:01 AM  

    all the girls fall for his graceful, sensitive, and gentle ways ... plus, he has locks of golden hair that only exist in fairytales.

    and the bow and arrow, from what girls tell me, that's SOOOOO hot.

    how many people do you know that can walk on snow? and slide down an elephants trunk and proceed to slaughter fifteen orcs with a small dagger without even breaking a sweat?

    *these views are not my own* top

  • Anonymous dorothy says so:
    12:14 AM  

    like you said, legolas only exists in a fairy tale, a figment of tolkein's imagination. he (legolas) is NOT hot. top

  • Anonymous dottychen says so:
    12:16 AM  

    tolkien..of course. i think that completely negates my views. top

  • Blogger dimsum807 says so:
    7:10 AM  

    i agree....
    legolas is soo NOT HOT

    i concurred with your view on hotties!!! so sad top