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V for Victory ... (for Killer Robots)

I am a techy, there's no question about that. Whenever the latest and coolest gadgets come out, I dream about them and drool (OK maybe I won't drools, but you know what I mean). One of my friends and I were talking about this once and she started calling me a "techno-whore." Lovely ... just lovely ...

However, there are times when technology gets scary. Just take for example the Terminator movies where killer robots come and destroy the human race, or in War of the Worlds where robotic aliens come attack us, or even the Matrix, where humans became batteries for machines. Scary stuff!

This piece of news reminds me that those movies may not be so far off after all. Those sneaky Japanese scientists have figured out how to control a robot using brain waves! Yes ... BRAIN WAVES! Doesn't this scare you? Imagine 10 years from now when we'll be driving cars with our brains, we'll be turning lights on and off with one simple thought (sadly, this will spell the clapper's tragic end).

I don't know how this new technology is going to help me though. Considering how much I think about useless stuff, the machines will probably go into system failure very quickly. Knowing me, I'm going to be the one swerving on the road because I can't decide whether to turn right or left. And I can definitely see myself accidentally command my robot to kill a cute squirrel or kick an innocent pedestrian in the shins for no reason at all. I admit it, I have a depraved mind. Save me ...

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  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    5:17 PM  

    You know what's weird in that picture? Tomohiko Kawanabe is making the peace sign with his left hand, and the robotic hand, which is a right hand, is mirroring it. Which means that something is a little screwy, I think. Weird. top