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The Reunion

My body is rebelling against me once again, relegating me to nothing more than a walking zombie. I fed it 8 good hours of sleep last night, but it's still craving for more. I don't blame it though, after all, I've been depriving it of sleep ever since last Thursday. It is all worth it: the late night compiling of the wedding slideshow, the 10-hour round-trip drive to the boonies of western PA, the crazy Cornell escapade to Denny's, and loitering at the hotel lobby until the wee hours of the night. Here are some photos.

The highly anticipated mega reunion did not disappoint one bit, and I was reaffirmed once again how good I had it at Cornell. It's interesting to stop and see where my friends are three years after graduation: a good number of them are in law school, others working for their PhD, while others are in seminary or working ... everyone is intelligent and ambitious, but none of them have sold their souls for the fleeting things in life.

That's what I love about them though. Whenever we get together, I am humbled. Not because I feel inadequate before them nor am I overwhelmed by their spiritual righteousness, but because when we're together, I catch a glimpse of something far beyond myself. Concretely, we learn from each other, from our struggles and our conquests in this spiritual war. In some strange way we exuberate trust and respect for each other, we genuinely love and care. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but it's something special, and I hope I can find it again elsewhere in life.

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