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It's against my principle to perpetuate evil in this world, and that is why I'm here to WARN and ALERT you of something you should NOT do. It's like when DARE came to your elementary school and showed you what drugs looked like, then proceeded convince you not to use them after they have piqued your curiosity in narcotics.

My evil friend Matt just released a lesson on how to create an evil laugh. You should definitely check it out because 1) it's very informative 2) it's pretty hilarious 3) you'll know what evil sounds like from now on.

Remember ... EVIL is bad.

MuaHaHaaHa (oops)

P.S. - As a side note, Matt thinks that Ken Makes Kids Happy ... he also seems to think I'm omniscient too!

MuaHaHaaHa...HeHeeeHe (did I do it again?)

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