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Signs of OLD AGE

The two most anticipated weekends of Spring are here: this weekend I'm heading up to New Hampshire and retreat to the woods with a bunch of brothers to throw my friend Matt one last bash before his wedding next weekend (Congrats Matt & AJ). There's really only a few things better than getting dirty and bonding with the guys out in the woods. We all need to retreat from our overly technological lifestyles and return back to simplicity.

Next weekend is the wedding!!! Woohoo! I love weddings! They are so much fun, and it'll be basically a big big reunion for all my college friends so it'll be a blast. Even though I haven't seen so many of them in so long, I just know it'll be just like old times when we meet up again. Funny that lately I've been very nostalgic about my college days. In some ways, I want to go back to that type of lifestyle ... classes, sleep, study, hang out and have fun ... who wouldn't want to do that over again?

Yes, and being back in the college years means my body wouldn't be deteriorating. Supposedly, once you reach 25, it's all downhill from there. Even though I don't really believe that LIE FROM DEPTHS OF HELL, I still have some fears as I grow older and older. Today I was filling out a registration form for a conference that I want to attend, and listed under "age group" was *18-24*, *25-30* ... etc. That really took me for a ride, and I was a bit taken back that soon I'd be in the 25-30 age range. Think about it ... that means I should be married and having babies while bbq-ing on Sundays with my soon-to-be-balding friends. *sigh* woe to me! AHHH ... and I'm going to a wedding again next weekend. It's so bittersweet.

Disclaimer: I don't know what's wrong with me, I must've gone through a temporary mental lapse when I wrote the entry above ... I love growing older ... ehh ... right ...

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