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Use you BRAIN!

Here are two of my pet-peeves:

1) When people make unsubstantiated claims about some obscure subject without even taking two seconds to think and confirm it with reality
2) When people, after hearing someone make a claim about something, quickly accepts it as truth without taking time to think whether it has any basis

I am not sure which group of people annoy me more, but I just can't stand it when I see that happen. This probably has to do with the fact that almost everyone in our society have developed ADD. No one wants to take some time to think about anything anymore. People just want to suck up knowledge like a vacuum, without digesting any part of it themselves.

Sadly, this reality has seeped into the Christian community as well. More often than not, people don't think through their beliefs as they should. They have no desire to engage with theology, to mull over topics they deem too hard to grasp. It's true that we may never fully understand the Trinity or piece together the ins and outs of predestination and free will, but shouldn't we at least try?

Let me know if I'm a snob and that I'm totally off.

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  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    11:08 PM  

    Dude. Did you know that microsoft is giving away a thousand dollars to whoever has the best blog post about brains? top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    11:18 PM  

    do I win?

    I think i'm still at around 60%, maybe I should sleep more than I can brain wrestle with you. top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    11:23 PM  

    wait a sec ... is this a test for me? very sly and wicked I tell you. top

  • Anonymous Jonathan says so:
    11:44 PM  

    Yes, I think that was Matt testing you. I can't believe you fell for that. But, in all seriousness, did you know that Apple is giving away free i-pods for the first 100 people who sign up to their new blog? top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    11:48 PM  

    come on ... how did I fall for it when I pointed it out?

    Jonathan, did you know that yawning is caused by your bodies adjustment to a change in atmospheric pressure? That's why everyone yawns around the same time top