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Six Weddings and a Funeral

The Good News:

I went to my first wedding of the year last Saturday and I had a blast! Weddings are always mood lifters, you really can't do much better than celebrating the union of two people, especially when they are your friends. Just look at Jennie and Andy ... aren't they such a cute couple?

Whenever I go to a wedding, I always feel this sense of hope and lingering joy. Even though human unions are but a faint representation of our eventual union with God, it is still a beautiful picture of love and faithfulness. Two people swearing an everlasting vow to be devoted to each other through the good times and bad, how awesome is that?

Luckily for me, I have another 5 weddings to go to this year, making that a total of 6 weddings this year. Next up: Matt & AJ: April 25th! I'm already excited.

It was such a good time because I got to see a lot of old friends too. The more I think about it, the more miss my college friends. Yea, they are a bunch of freaks and weirdos, but it's always so fun to hang around them. Can't wait until the next reunion.

The Bad News:

My trusty Toyota Camry is officially dead. **long moment of silence**

After church on a rainy Sunday, I was exiting off the highway when my tires refuse to grip, causing my car to slide into the curb and pinball to the railing on the opposite side. As this was happening, all I could think of was ... crap crap crap crap crap ... heard a pop when my right tire blew, a big smashing sound when the car hit the railing, then when it was over: THANK GOD! Interestingly, I was not a bit scared during any part of it, and I am not phyiscally hurt in any way. Just an accident with the railing and myself, how fun.

Luckily, I changed my tire in the rain and then drove the car home by the grace of God. The front is so messed up that it was hitting the wheel, so the whole time my steering wheel was shaking and I hear loud noises as the steel from the frame grinds with my wheel. I really don't know how it made it that far, but like all things good, the camry finished strong. Right now the engine won't start at all and there's too much damage to the car to be worth fixing it. *sigh*

I was really hoping to get this car over 200k, but sadly this will never happen. It's almost like having your heart pulled out of you and stabbed multiple times, which is why losing this car reminds me of breaking up with girls. So sad to lose this car ...

There's a old chinese saying, "If the old doesn't leave, the new will not come." How true, how true. Now that my car is gone, I'm forced to get a new one. But before I put too much thought into that, I must write a eulogy for my car.

92 Toyota Camry LE
~1992 to March 12th 2006
Dependable and Faithful Friend
Finishing strong until the End
Rest in Peace.

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  • Anonymous hebber09 says so:
    4:58 PM  

    Ok, Mr. Drama King, nice eulogy! :P You crack me up! I'm SOOO thankful that you're alrite AND that you weren't scared one bit when the entire thing was happening - Yiiikes!!! The Lord was definitely definitely keeping His hands on you :) How amazing, huh? And wow, you even drove home w/ it AFTER the incident?! Wow, God is just soooooooooo good!!! I'm sorry that your heart feels like it's been stabbed a gazillion times b/c of the "death" of your car :( Wow, the memories... I've ridden in it before *tear*

    As for Jennie and Andy - woohoo!!! :D :D :D Congratz to them!!! Did I ever tell you that Wyckoff (that church) was where I went to Chinese School as a kid and Jennie's mom was the principal?! Ah, more memories. More *tears*

    Wow, 6 weddings, huh?! ENJOY, Ken!!! :) top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    11:51 PM  

    I would like to take this moment to remember my first car... a 1974 chevy nova hatchback with a V8, painted pale yellow. I remember when my hispanic friends would pull up next to me at stop lights and say, "Hey, vato, want to race?"

    I will never forget the day that purple smoke started pouring in the vents and she stopped moving forward. And I had to drive her home in reverse. Oh, the sadness. Some memories never fade. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    7:16 PM  

    jeannie! =) they were talking about her wedding, it sounded really fun!

    -Steph top