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Under the weather ...

Top 5 signs that going snowboarding today was a bad idea:

1) The FLU! I have been pretty beat up by the flu all week, couldn't stay up past 10pm most nights and had to gasp for breath every other second to stay alive. It was so bad even on Friday night that I had to leave cell group early because I suddenly felt like the life got sucked out of me.

2) DEAD TIRED. I Couldn't stay awake on the ride to the slopes. ... I was still thoroughly drained that I had to keep sleeping after sleeping 8 hour the night before.

3) Sharp headaches! There was a point where I was certain that something was ringing in my head. Why wouldn't the shooting pains go away?!?!

4) Gag reflex. After a couple runs my body wanted to quit on me. My stomach started to line itself with acid because I was so tired I wanted to hurl. It's the kind of feeling you get after you pushed your body to the limit.

5) SLEEP ~ I had to take a nap during lunch time because I couldn't stay awake otherwise. I almost dozed off during some of the lift rides up the mountain too ... ZzzzZzzz

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