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To infinity and beyond!

Top 5 reasons why snowboarding today was awesome:

1) No fear! My senses were so dull that I couldn't even start to feel afraid. No fear = more risks = more fun!

2) Max Speed! Since I was too tired to be afraid of killing myself, I was also too tired to waste energy carving excessively ... all this equated to more speed!!!

3) Utmost Focus. Usually my mind is thinking about a billion things at once, but the flu has limited my brain to only carry one thought at a time: Don't DIE. This seemed to help for some reason.

4) Blacks Diamonds? For some reason the black diamonds felt like they were greens ... all of the reasons above helped of course. Let's hope it'll feel the same next time around.

5) Being a rebel! Some may call this stupidity, but it's always fun not listening to your friends' advice to rest and attempt to kill yourself instead. I'm just so glad I'm still alive!

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  • Blogger dimsum807 says so:
    11:01 PM  

    your flu has definitely made you all kooky and wacked!!! but i'm glad you had fun!

    woohoo for mr sam and the snow tunnel!! top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    11:13 AM  

    I just want you to know that I prayed for you instead of doing monkey searches on google. Go the doctor! top