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Got a gun?

Here are some NBA games you should NEVER go to:

March 9 Philadelphia vs. Denver
March 14 Philadelphia vs. Toronto
March 22 Philadelphia vs. Atlanta
March 24 Philadelphia vs. Orlando

This is why: apparently the Philadelphia Police Department is trading 76ers tickets for guns! No questions asked. Even though this is probably a good idea to get guns off streets, it's probably a really bad idea for anyone else who already bought tickets to these games.

Just think for a moment: 2 free tickets to a Sixers game ~ $40. Street value for a gun: > $40. The way I see it, there are only 2 types of people who will take advantage of this gun drive: 1) dumb criminals 2) criminals who have extra guns to spare. And would you want to go to a place where a lot of people around you probably obtained their firearms illegally?

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