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My boss is a Jewish Carpenter

If one day I decide to put a bumper sticker on my car, this one will probably be on the top 10 list. "Will work for chocolate" will probably be up there too, but for an entirely different reason. Chances are that I will never do it, firstly because I hate putting stickers on my car, but also because I am not one who flaunts my spirituality. Plus, if the only way people can tell that I'm Christian is by reading "Jesus gave His life for YOU and me!" on the back of my car, then I have bigger problems.

One of the things that I have been wanting to do for awhile now is to attend a service at a Jewish temple. After that, a Muslim mosque, then a Buddhist temple, and an Atheist meeting to wrap things up. This all came about one day when I was sitting through a regular Sunday service and I hear some loud breathing from this guy sitting on my left side. I stole a quick look and found him to be nodding off, then I got curious and starting looking all around and saw so many others not really paying attention to what was going on. So I wonder, is complacency as prevalent in other religious congregation as in the Christian Church? Are peoples of different faiths truly passionate about their beliefs, or do they do it out of social or cultural obligation/traditions?

My secondary purpose is to have a fuller understanding of how other religions worship their god. I have always wanted to know what Jewish Rabbi preach about week after week: keeping of the law and the hope for the coming Messiah? Reading about it in books only take you so far ... I need to experience it for myself.

Anyone else want to come?

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  • Blogger katgyrl says so:
    1:09 PM  

    oOh, visiting all those other places would be an interesting experience. top

  • Anonymous Jennruto says so:
    1:20 PM  

    It IS interesting to learn about other religions because it makes you appreciate Christianity so much more. When I took Asian Religions at Cornell, I'd sit in class wondering how is it that people don't realize how great God is in comparison to these other religions out there. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5:04 PM  

    I am not sure Jewish Rabbis believe in the Messiah. top