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Hidden Talents!

I have always wondered who came up with the idea of putting fortune in cookie. Something tells me that it wasn't the Chinese that came up with it. Yes, the Chinese invented the compass, paper, gun powder, and a lot of other great stuff, but definitely not fortune cookies. For one thing, there are no fortune cookies in Asia. If you ask them for it, they would just look at you funny and then proceed to loudly mock you in a language you do not know.

Anyway, I have been preparing myself for the emergence of this undiscovered talent and I might have found it! You see, today I went to a buffet and actually only ate one plateful of food! It might not mean much to you, but for me, that's a milestone. It might have something to do with that I stuffed myself two hours before the buffet, but I still count it as a hidden talent. For someone who eats like a goldfish (if you keep feeding them, they eat until they die), this was a great turning point.

In the meantime, I am still looking for my other hidden talents ... I'm sure I'll find some more soon enough.

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