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I usually like to post something profound here at this time of night, but today I'm just totally braindead! Through my vast experiences as a sleep deprived zombie, I've noticed that there are a few tell-tale signs that you are about to collapse physically. For example, while I was soaping myself during a shower 15 minutes ago, I had this feeling that something strange is going on, only later to realize that I had already soaped and rinsed myself once already. The good news is that I am doubly clean tonight and won't have to worry about smelling terribly tomorrow morning. But then again, there's no one sleeping next to me, so no one really cares.

I also had this "zoning out" experience during my company's annual all-staff meeting the past two days where a presenter would be talking through a powerpoint presentation, and all I could hear was "blah BLah blAh BlaH blAH BLah." I can't say for certain whether it was my tiredness causing this or my disinterest in what they were sharing. It's probably a combination of the two ... nevertheless ... hearing "bLaH BlAH bLaH" for two whole days isn't very fun. Ok I take that back, sometimes I heard "bLah blAH lunchtime! blAH" or "BlaH breaktime bLah," but those didn't come as often as I hoped. Anyway ... sweet dreams and good night!

P.S. - if you wondered why i didn't sleep right after my shower but opted to spend time to blog this ... the answer is simple, I had to let my hair dry! haha, it's always my favorite excuse to stay up a little big longer.

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  • Blogger katgyrl says so:
    11:17 PM  

    ha, cute pics. i wonder if tiredness is why i zone in and out of conversations all the time. or maybe i just don't care. top