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Toga Update!

Tonight I had a white elephant gift exchange with some friends, where I received this very cute penguin gift card for a brief moment before I gave it away to someone else. Interestingly, the gift card was so mesmerizing that everyone spend minutes staring at it before someone else is forced to snatched it from them.

All this penguin talk reminded me of my post last week about the missing penguin in the UK. The latest news is that Toga (the missing penguin) is still not found and now there is a $8750 reward for the penguin's safe return to the zoo! If you are the sick person who stole Toga (it's not me), the zoologist says that "the brown-and-white penguin refuses to be fed by human hand and is probably already severely dehydrated." And "Everybody's on a bit of a downer now, because we thought we had him back. ... Everybody'’s really tired, it'’s very emotional."

Some places are calling for help from Higher Powers: "Media reports said congregations at two churches in America were even praying for Toga, who is said to be very vocal, with a voice like a donkey braying. "It gives you renewed faith in the human race," Bright said."

First, I wonder what a braying donkey sounds like, but I am more interested in what this Bright character thinking. It just doesn't make sense to me, if anything, it would make me lose faith in the human race. After all, churches are praying for a penguin ... shouldn't they be praying for other people? I would understand if they happen to be praying and then someone prays for Toga, but if they held a special prayer meeting for a penguin ... i don't know ... I just don't know.

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  • Blogger dimsum807 says so:
    12:54 AM  

    penguins are taking over the world!!!!
    i want that gift card....so awesome top

  • Blogger annadi915 says so:
    12:59 AM  

    ditto to what jo said. nice gift card=) top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    2:20 AM  

    I am discouraged about the human race, too. Every day there are penguins viciously murdered by killer whales. But do we hold prayer meetings for them? NO! We just don't care enough for penguins when the local news channels turn off their cameras. *sniff* A tear is rolling down my cheek. top